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Real-time computational seismology is currently possible to achieve which needs highly connection between seismic database and high performance computing. We have developed a real-time moment tensor monitoring system (RMT) by using continuous BATS records, moment tensor inversion and grid search techniques. Recent achievement shows that the source parameters, including event time, event location, magnitude, moment tensor and focal mechanism can be obtain simultaneously within 120 seconds once the earthquake occurred.

After the point source parameters are determined, the follow-up near real-time earthquake simulation (ShakeMovie & ShakeMap) can be done through Real-time Online earthquake Simulation system (ROS) within 3 minutes. Combine RMT with ROS, the computational seismology earthquake report (RCS), including the real-time source parameters, synthetic seismic wave propagation and ShakeMap will provide in 5 minutes when an earthquake occurred in Taiwan. These numerical earthquake simulation results can apply to the study of seismology and can give contribution to reduce the time needed in the seismic hazard assessment.

Real-time computational seismology earthquake report flowchart